Share your best memory of your student days!

SYL’s 100th anniversary will be a celebration for all students.

Nothing brings the youth of today and of yesteryear together quite like their shared experiences as students. For this reason, SYL will launch a campaign to collect student memories in February, culminating in the week of Vappu (May Day). Memories will be collected using the form until 11 March.

What does being a student mean to you?

The aim of the campaign is to bring visibility to the importance of our times as students, both for the ourselves personally and for Finnish society as a whole. Students helped to make Finland the modern welfare society it is today.
Now it’s your turn – tell us what being a student means to you! What would be missing from your life if you hadn’t experienced the ups and downs of student life? What did the future look like when you were a student? Answer the survey below!

Share your best memory of your student days!

Answer the survey before 11th March.

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More information: 

SYL’s communications adviser Siiri Nousiainen, tel. +358 41 515 2228.