One hundred years of looking after the interests of university students in Finland!

The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) represents approximately 132,000 university students in Finland. All student unions in Finnish universities are members of SYL. SYL was established in 1921 to promote student well-being and the role and status of students in society.

Throughout its existence, SYL has tirelessly defended and looked after the interests of university students in Finland as their only interest group. The student meal subsidy, student health care and student financial aid are just some examples of SYL’s achievements.

This advocacy organisation, which is the biggest of its kind in Finland, turns one hundred years old in 2021. We will hold many festive events that are open to all to celebrate the anniversary. We will also publish the SYL 100 Years historical publication and a documentary on SYL’s diverse history. It all culminates in a magnificent anniversary party that is rich with both the history and future of SYL, held in September 2021 at the Finlandia Hall.

We warmly welcome you to celebrate SYL’s 100 years of achievements, both today and the future!